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About GolfTours

GolfTours.my is a privately held LCC corporation based in Borneo, Malaysia and operating as a tour agency which specializes in delivering quality golf packages for all walks of life - be it families, couples, incentive groups or solo / independent travelers (FITs). As one of the country's leading golf travel companies, we have access to the best deals and those "hard-to-get" tee times, even on some private clubs.

Here you will only see the best golf tours in Malaysia. We believe in giving our guests a golf experience of a lifetime, at the same time providing necessary exposure and economic opportunities for the local communities. Our vision is firmly rooted in our passion of sharing the unique Bornean experience with the world.

Whether you're travelling to Malaysia for the first time or on a return trip, we'll assist you every step of the way. Get in touch with us for an adventure of a lifetime!