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Sandakan Golf & Country Club

Sandakan Golf & Country Club was first established in 1958 with a 6 Hole Course located at Karamunting and was known as The Sandakan Club. In 1973 it was relocated to the Airport Road next to the Army Camp and had a 9 Hole Course. In 1977 the name was changed to Sandakan Golf Club. In 1982 it was again relocated to Mile 6 North Road which is the current premises with a newly constructed 9 Hole Course and Clubhouse. In 1988 the second nine was completed making it an 18 Hole Course.

In 1995 the Club changed its name to Sandakan Golf and Country Club. The Club now has a well equipped modern Club House with a full range of F & B services as well as a comprehensive range of other Sports and Recreational Facilities. The club is affiliated with numerous Golf Clubs both within the Country and abroad. To date, the Club has a total membership of 1420.

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